The common FAQ for Regular classes

At what age can a child begin classes?

 We usually admit children starting from age 5.

When do you accept new students?

New entry for regular classes is August and January Workshops are open for all the new students.

How often are classes held?

The classes are hold once a week. If you have joined Kathak sessions with Richa you can join any kathak class for the price of one.

How long are the classes?

Most of the classes are 45 min. Bolly Active fitness classes are 60 min.

Do you offer Individual classes?

Yes We do offer private classes.

Do you teach adults?

Yes, We have separate classes for the adults. 

DO you teach boys?

We have classes and bhangra classes for boys and men. There have to be minimum 4 people in the class for us to start a new class.

What should I bring for class?

Kathak and Bharatnatyam: a note book, ware cloths that are loose and easy to move in. 

Bolly Active fitness: training shoes if you want to. 

Bollywood: Nothing special

When is someone ready to perform dance on stage?

That can vary for person to person. 

Performing Bollywood group dances is possible after 3 months practice with the new beginner groups in cultural festival. To be able to perform on a professional stage can take years of practice.

What should one wear for Kathak practice?

It is encouraged to ware kurta pajam with a chunni. One can also ware ordinary gym cloths.