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Pehchan - Hum Aaye Rang Laye

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Sanskrit and Vedant
I have always believed that all of the art forms are an expression of our emotions. Some people like to write, sing, paint, dance and some act. For me, the easiest way to express and connect to a higher power has been through dance and mainly through Kathak. The name Kathak comes from the Sanskrit [...]
Swan Lake with Indian Dance – Indian Rhythms
Swan Lake with Indian Dance The Swan Lake is set up every year, by several institutions and most often in ballet, since it is a ballet composed by PjotrTsjajkovskij. We wanted to present Swan Lake with Indian dance. The purpose is to spread more knowledge about Indian classical and traditional dance by using both the [...]
Mega Show – Learn More About
Mega Show Mega Show A performance that was first organized by Indian Rhythms in 2017 for all practitioners engaged in Indian art forms such as dance, music, singing or stand up. There is little or no arena for Indian art forms if we create it ourselves. That is why it became important for Indian Rhythms [...]