Richa Chandra

Founder of Indian Rhythms

Richa is a Norwegian dancer and choreographerer,  with a vast backgrounds in styles that include classical Indian dance and Bollywood. In addition, Richa also has deep understand and education in economics, and have built up several “empires” in dance education in Norway.

Sonia Khalla

Instructor and choreographer

Bollywood dance is not just Indian dance moves. It is a dance style composed of many different dance forms. I think I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with different forms of dance such as Sasla, African and belly dance.

Radhika Pandey

Instructor and a choreographer

Radhika has many years of experience as a dancer and has been working side by side with Richa to grow Indian Rhythms.

Patrick Vedlog


Up-and-coming artist and music teacher within the Indian classical music discipline and Hindustani music in Oslo, Norway


Professional dancer and choreographer

I understand through my years of experience why Bharatanatyam is elevated to art. The more knowledge you accumulate while learning the meaning of the stories in the dances, turns the dance into art.

Dipika Sharma


Dipika Sharma Dipika Sharma has been dancing since she was 7 years old with Shikha Chandra and started as an instructor in 2010.