Mega Show

Mega Show

A performance that was first organized by Indian Rhythms in 2017 for all practitioners engaged in Indian art forms such as dance, music, singing or stand up. There is little or no arena for Indian art forms if we create it ourselves. That is why it became important for Indian Rhythms to create this arena for artists who are locally rooted. As of today, it does not cost anyone for the performers to be part of the performances, but there is a demand for quality and timeliness. We find it easier for children and young people to sign up for activities when they see other children, young people or professional artists performing.

This stage is primarily for IR Instructors and students or people who are connected to us somehow. Our focus is to promote Indian Culture and to wake interest for Indian artforms in Norway and other places in Scandinavia.

For people who are new to Norway say that this is a way for their dreams to come true. Many women have dreamt of performing on professional stage but never got the change while they lived in India. Coming to Norway and finding this platform have made their dreams come true and at the same time given them some purpose of life. Their passion lead them to staying fit and taking care of themselves better and personal growth becomes their goals.

In one hour Mega Show, Indian Classical dance and music is the most important elements, but good quality Bollywood performances are also welcome.

The ticket price is usually low, but the quality is high.