Hungama Festival

How it all started

The Chandra family have worked over 30 years to promote Indian culture in Norway and have created professional arena for people to preform, display their art, meet, make new contacts / friends and offer activities that are beyond traditional leisure activities.

Since 2011, Richa Chandra has organized festivals in collaboration with Stovner Bydel and the Bollywood festival where there have been over 300 people gathered for such activities and performances. In 2016, the first time she organized the Hungama Festival alone and the response since that time has been tremendous. The feedback has always been that this festival should be more accessible and more central in Oslo, because it is difficult to get to the Rommen Scene.

Hungama Festival

Visualize entering a room where there are lots of colors, chatter in different languages, music, smells of Indian food, children playing and many different people who are busy bringing as much as possible in 2-3 hours . An arena where cultures meet.

The Hungama Festival provides an opportunity for all children and young people to try out different art forms such as: warli drawing, making krishna’s crown, henna painting, Indian dance, playing table or flute, learning to sing and listening to Indian stories ( Kahani).

There are a lot of things to do for adults as well, like yoga, bolly active fitness and beauty workshops. For the very youngest, we tend to have a baby hook with mats and baby toys so that they can also have some fun and not get tired of sitting in a carriage or being in the lap all the time. It has been very popular.

It is the kids who are the focus and therefore it is the kids who open the festival by performing different dances. We would like to invite a guest who works with children and education, or other children’s activities. Through this work we form good partners and reach a variety of environments.

This Festival is a platform primarily for IR instructors and students that is why only they are allowed to perform on this stage, other then guest artist. This a stage created form them to present high quality dance and music.

In Norway there are not many professional stage or arena for Indian dance or music so intention with this festival is to create a stage where there are just Indian dance and music, and an arena for promoting everything that is great with Indian culture.

If nobody will do it for us we have to do it ourselves! – Richa Chandra

One of the most important elements of Indian culture is food. That’s why we have stalls with various food from all over India. We have had many success stories where people have sold their food on Hungama festival and later opened their own restaurants or takeaways.

The various stalls we have are:


  • North Indian
  • South Indian
  • Chai and snacks
  • Packed namkeen
  • Cakes
  • Hot dogs and drinks




Cream / Essential oils


Infor stand

Workshops we have:

  • Folk dance
  • Music
  • Bolly Active fitness
  • Reading stories
  • Henna
  • Facepaint
  • Warli Painting
  • Making Krishna Crown
  • Yoga


Do you want to have a stall in our next festival please contact us at festival@indian-rhythms.com and write “Stall” in the subject line.


Possibilities for Sponsors:

There are hundreds of people attending and participating in this festival and it is a great platform to be seen. That is why we have 2 main sponsors each year.

Please contact festival@indian-rhythms.com and write “Sponsor” in the subject, if you want more info about our sponsor packages.